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Farnell element 14

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Farnell element 14

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Удаление некоторых элементов в GSM модулях Telit

Telit logoTrieste, September 2nd, 2009

Subject: Product change notice

Dear Telit Partner,

Telit would like to inform you that, due to the global shortage of specific component that are used on the battery charger circuitry of some the Telit products, we will remove this function from the following products:

GC864-QUAD/PY with SIM holder
GC864-QUAD/PY w/o SIM holder

Following our commitment to the customers, we will provide the P/Ns for the equivalent parts, which do not include the battery charger, while all the other functionalities will remain the same.

If your application does not use the battery charger line, you can use the equivalent parts without any additional verification. Please contact your regional sales director to verify the correct configuration.

Telit guarantee that no changes of the software and key components have been made, and hereby declare that the equivalent parts are still in compliance with all the applicable regulatory and network certifications.

Technical details of this notice:

The removal of the battery charger functionality means that some pins of the Telit module will become unavailable. If your application is not connected to such pins, the equivalent parts can be used too. Below you will find the pins affected for each product family:

Products CHARGE pin/ball
GE864-QUAD/PY Balls G1-G2
GC864-QUAD/PY with SIM holder Pin 51-52
GC864-QUAD/PY w/o SIM holder Pin 51-52>

For any additional information regarding this notice, please contact your Regional Sales Director.

Best regards,

Telit Communications S.p.A. - Via Stazione di Prosecco 5/b, Sgonico (TS) 34010 – Tel: 040-4192111 Fax: 040-4192333

Internet: www.telit.com

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