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Farnell element 14

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Farnell element 14

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Contract production

During the last 10 years almost all large-scale world brands of electronic manufacture by itself only 10 – 20 % of their production. Being with that de facto leaders of their market. And the most part of customers doesn’t know and don’t care on the whole what plants actually manufacture electronic components (products). The determinative factor is the name of the company, its brand name, reputation that guarantees to the customer satisfaction of his needs.

The reasons of such situations lies in the competitive struggle tighten at the market of electronic engineering. The majority of manufacturers have realized that doing everything just right is impossible and uneconomical and started to actively use the advantages of specialization for certain processes in business, thus providing high quantity and competitive prices.

Mostly in the modern world of electronics vendor does not have to manufacture a product, it’s enough to create the idea and inform on the manufacturer. Professional contract manufacturer in its structure has necessary number of departments, experts and other resources that are essential for turning the idea to finished stock-produced product.

Our main strategy is to care for all manufacturing cycles of your product. We realize excellently the importance of our role in your manufacturing chain and consider that long-term partner relationships will result in mutually beneficial cooperation, have become the important part of your success.

Our experience and sequence while implementation either global process of production or complex of individual services, create unique offers for satisfaction of your manufacturing requests. You can rely on us in processes connected with your intellectual property. Since our strategy lies in achievement of mutual success in the sphere of electronic technologies and not in the development of our own trade brand.

For a vendor cooperation with our enterprise is not only method to use resources more effectively and increasing of his own competitive strength, but also an exigency which release him from the most manufacturing problems. Reliable qualified and high production contract manufacturer will allow to any vendor or manufacturer of the end production unit to get large profit from cooperation, such as:

  • Rising of production quality
  • Product cost decreasing.
  • Reduction of expenses, economy of recourses and their usage for other aims.
  • Production financing.
  • Company concentration to the most perspective processes (for example development of the new models or marketing).
  • Providing of the high productive effectiveness.
  • Precipitation of the new models output to the market.
  • Access to the best world technology.
  • Technical support and assistance in new developments.

The Certification of conformity of the management system of quality to the World standard ISO 9001


Biakom Ltd. occupies the leading place at Ukraine’s market of distribution of electronic components. Our experienced delivering channels and large warehouse in Kiev counts more than 30 000 items. They provide quality, flexibility and operational efficiency during work process with our clients. In distinction from many Ukrainian and Russian enterprises rendering service on electronic component assemblage and products in order to busy equipment, which is down because of absence of orders on their production our company is full-fledged contract manufacturer with the experience of more than 10 years. This means that all our clients receive full line of services and advantages which can be provided by professional specialized contract manufacturer.

We furnish services at:

  • Development, engineering and design.
  • Production printed-circuit boards.
  • Electronic components delivering.
  • SMT assembling of printed-circuit boards.
  • Pluggable assembling.
  • Manufacturing of cable-stitches and cables.
  • Revision of enclosures, assemblage, packing.
  • Finished goods testing.
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