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Farnell element 14

Офіційний партнер

Farnell element 14

в Україні


Інтернет-магазин інструменту Pro'sKit

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Гасові обігрівачі Toyotomi

Гасові обігрівачі Toyotomi

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Витратні матеріали Kester

Паяльні пасти Easy Profile® 256 та HydroMark 531

About company

"Biakom" LTD was founded in 1997 and nowadays it is one of the biggest suppliers of electronic components and systems in Ukraine with its own building (total area 5000 sq. meters) and warehouse (1000 sq. meters) in Kiev and more then 100 employees.

In 2005 "Biakom" was certified according to ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management System. All the supplied products are accompanied by all the necessary documentation and comply with international standarts:

  • a distributing company;
  • a catalogue supplier with a wide nomenclature of products in stock in Kiev;
  • a contract PCB manufacturer.



отдел продаж отдел продаж
Sales department
Коллектив отдела продаж
Sales department team


Accounting Department Department of Supply and Logistics
Design Department Warehouse staff


Склад ООО Склад ООО Склад ООО
Company warehouse

The company has distribution agreements and partner relationships with the following producers of electronic components and parts:

  • Altera – programmable logic, configurational memory;
  • American Technical Ceramics – components for UHF (ultrahigh frequency) apllication
  • Atmel – microcontrollers, memory, RFID;
  • Avago Technologies – LED's, HF, UHF products;
  • Arcoelectric/Bulgin – buttons, switches, plugs and sockets;
  • Epcos – inductance capacitors;
  • ERSA – soldering equipment;
  • Figaro – gas sensors;
  • Hahn – transformers;
  • Ixys, Sumida– inductors;
  • Mechatronika - entry level surface mount equipment;
  • Microtips – LCD modules;
  • MIRAE – SMT Mounters, Accessories, and etc.
  • OKW – cases; casing elements;
  • Pro'sKit – mounting tools;
  • Raychem – resettable fuses, varistors;
  • RoyalOhm – resistors, resistor networks;
  • Silabs – microcontrollers, Slic;
  • Siward Crystal Technology – quartz, generators;
  • Telit – GSM/GPRS modems.
  • TOLO Machinery – ovens
  • TYCO/AMP/Axicom/Schrack – plug connections, relays;
  • Ningbo Forward Relay – relays
  • Vicor – AC/DC, DC/DC, Power Supply
  • Winstar – LCD modules

Best importer of the year

награда According to the ranking results of the exporter and importer enterprises of Ukraine by state structure statistics Biakom LTD entered into the top 10 by UKTVED 854221 (-- digital) and won first place in the rating.

The extremely official data of the state statistics by four criteria were used in the basis for Ukrainian rating, they are: products sold volume, growth dynamics, number of product items, number of partner companies. Such rating system was approved by International Chamber of Commerce.

The annual ratings such as Exporter of the year and Importer of the year are holded for a long time in the leading countries of the world. And thousands of the most powerful world leaders use this status as business card in foreign economic activity.

The ceremony of the award presentation took place in the National Palace of Art called "Ukraine" in October 30 2009.

We thank to all our clients, who help us in achieving of such success and hope for continuation of mutual productive cooperation in future.

The certificates which Biakom LTD received from the manufacturers:

Сертификат Altera
Сертификат Amphenol
Сертификат Atmel
Сертификат Bourns
Сертификат Degson
Сертификат Defa
Сертификат Figaro
Сертификат Holtek
Сертификат Fujitsu
Сертификат Ixys
Сертификат Mirae
Сертификат Mechatronica
Сертификат OKW
Сертификат Pro'sKit
Сертификат Siward
Texas Instruments
Сертификат Texas Instruments
TE connectivity
Сертификат Tyco
Сертификат Vicor
Сертификат Epcos
Сертификат Kester
Сертификат Mirae
Сертификат Mirae
Royal Ohm
Сертификат Royal Ohm
Сертификат Vicor


The next direction in the company's development is the delivery of components for production and repairing of gaming and vending machines.

As far as bill, coin acceptors are concerned "Biakom" is official distributor of Innovative Technology, Industrias Lorenzo.

All the delivered components might be purchased at our e-shop at www.biakom.com.

We are successfully developing designing and production of PCBs and bundles. Our skilled specialists will help you to design PCBs of any complexity.
All PCBs are 100% e-tested. We have our own modern equipment (produced in 2008) , where SMT mounting of any complexity is performed (including BGA components).

"Biakom" also performs mounting on its own location and invites all companies who are interested in subcontractor service to cooperation.

Our clients are the leading companies of Ukraine, working in the field of telecommunication, medicine and production of security and fire alarm systems, cash and gaming machines, LED panels, walls and etc.

We hope, that thanks to "Biakom" you will find a reliable and constant partner which can solve all problems occurring at the stage of design and development of electronic equipment in complex and professionally.

Наш офис
виготовлення друкованих плат | плис altera | мікроконтролери atmel | роз'єми amphenol | трансформатори hahn | okw | tyco | vicor | marquardt